The Harp Map: Learn How To Play in Different Harmonica Keys

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Innovative Harp Map to Play in Different Harmonica Keys -

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The Harp Map teaches you how to play different notes on harmonica without changing harps. Simply rotate the wheel to find the notes of any harmonica key. Align it with the desired key you wish to play in and you'll be rocking the blues harp in different keys in no time.

Let's say you have a harmonica in C, but you want to play a song for blues harmonica in G. Just spin the Harp Map wheel and you instantly know which harmonica notes are part of the scale. This way you can learn how to switch harmonica keys without changing your actual harmonica.

If you are a harmonica player who dives into jazz or classical genres of music, the Harp Map will keep you on track with all of the key changes that happen throughout a piece. You may not have enough time to switch between differently tuned diatonic harmonicas. By using the Harp Map, you can switch back and forth between keys and never hit that out of place note again!

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