Harmonicas of the Future

  • TurboHarp is pleased to offer the AX-S20 for sale!

    The ELX should be coming soon and very soon.

    The TurboHarp/ELX


The TurboHarp / ELX is a Richter (aka diatonic) harp that incorporates twenty individual pickups - one for each reed.

While the full capabilities and musical possibilities have yet to be explored, some advantages of the ELX are:
ELX Mp3's: These two short clips demonstrate the ELX in monaural mode routed through digital delay plus harmonizer effects: 1. harmonizer 2.Stereo Echo
  • The TurboHarp AX-S20


Simply the best diatonic harmonica you will ever play!
Incorporates everything we've learned about optimum harp design from our scientific studies.


  • Hohner Special-20
  • TurboLiner
  • TurboLid

"How It Works"

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Click here to read a magazine article about the AX-S20 in "The Music Trades"
(Nashville NAMM guide) July 2004 issue.
US PATENT 6,359,204
  • Bahnson Overblow - II

The "Overblow Harp" was designed by cardiac surgeon, Dr. Henry Bahnson in 1990. The aim was to make the "missing notes" available for the average player on the diatonic harmonica-- that Howard Levy was hitting with great facility. He knew other notes were available on the ten-holer but the same tones were available by normal playing. The first overblow harmonica was hand-filed and the first batch of one hundred cost over $120 each to make. They have all been either sold or given away, and are currently very rare to find in circulation.
We have developed a more economical version with the same functionality as the original. This harp is based on a Hohner Special 20 and features a slide valve mechanism that, like training wheels on a kid’s bike, can make overblowing so much easier (10 times, Yerxa once said).
Project Status: Commercial prototype completed. Currently seeking investors or industrial partners.
Contact info@turboharp.com if interested.

ORIGINAL Bahnson Design