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Name : Pennan Brae

Many thx James & Turboharp! I rec'd your package of harps today & am very grateful. Looking forward to playing with these on stage & in the studio & also spreading the word!

Name : Brendan Power

You think of everything! There's nothing left for anyone else to think of! (6-22-12)

Name : Greg M.

Big fan of the TurboSlide! Keep up the good work, you are true innovators in the field!

Name : Joe Brackman

Wanted you and all the folks there at TurboHarp that I'm really enjoying my AX-S20 a lot! I was getting overblows within the first week. The harp is very airtight.

Name : Larry Ctibor

I no longer want to play anything but the AXS20.

Name : Dennis Cooper

The TurboHarp AX/S20's are the most awesome harmonicas I've ever played and I have owned several custom harmonicas from the best builders out there. 

Name : Steve

I bought two AX-S20's recently. They play better than anything I have played in the last 20 years! 

Name : Phil "philharmonic" Livengood

I have been a Hohner player for many years and switched to Bushman Souls Voice Harmonicas. Three years ago I started playing the Turbo Harp AX-S20, it makes anyone sou

Name : "player for 15 years"

I just received my new BX's and WOW what a difference! The bendability of my new BX was off the charts!

Name : Nick Zaino III

The harp has been great through the past few gigs. It really projects, and it also takes less wind to play than some of my other harmonicas, both huge pluses f

Name : Jesse

I just wanted to share my extreme satisfaction in your Product(turbo lid for S20) I will be slowly covering my collection with these. 

Name : Hurricane R

You have gone off the hook - are you out of your mind.. the new stuff is awesome! You now have in your quiver of products the flashingLED harp - WOW -

Name : Tim R.

I recently received my new turboharp  and I just wanted to say just how happy I am with it. I love it, it goes everywhere with me.

Name : Zach E.

I love it and am really digging the accentuated bending you can do, it sounds very Jimi Hendrix like almost! 

Name : Dennis C.

. The folks at TurboHarp do some revolutionary modifications to the instrument.  This is truly a "custom" harmonica 

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